Life Insight Therapy offers a dynamic, integrative therapy approach with the aim of helping you to make the most of your potential and break free from problems that may be holding you back.

Who do I Work With?
I work individually with adults aged 18 or over.  I also work with couples or small family groups (not including children under 18).  I also work in corporate environments with individuals or teams and can provide custom training for teams.

What Can I Help You With?
I can empower you to get back in control of your life, resolve your problems and achieve your goals.

I have a special interest and extensive training in working with those struggling with eating disorders, food or body image related problems, or their carers.  I am also an experienced relationship and couple therapist with extensive experience of working with couples, parents and coparents experiencing conflict in their relationships.

Some of the issues that I can help you with include (please click on each link for more information and case studies):
Weight, eating and body image issues
Relationship or parenting matters
Anxiety, stress and panic
Low mood or depression

Confidence and self esteem
Fears or phobias
Trauma or post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
Living with chronic pain or health conditions
Behavioural or emotional matters
Performance improvement (sports or public appearances)
Support for major life events
Services to companies, businesses and teams

Other things I can help you with:  On this website I have provided a sample of areas in which I can help you, using the therapeutic methods in which I am trained.  However, there are many other issues with which I can help that may not be covered here.   Please get in touch for a confidential discussion.  I offer a lower cost initial consultation session with no obligation.

A unique and tailored approach is used with every client, focusing on desired results and outcomes. Following an in-depth discussion with you about your experience and expectations, I will discuss with you a therapy plan that I believe will best meet your aims.
Your therapy plan may include a variety of approaches, in all of which I am trained to a high standard and I am happy to discuss my qualifications and affiliations with you.  You can also read more about me on the About Me page.

Click here to read client testimonials

I hope that you will find the information you are looking for on this website, but please do give me a call or drop me a line if you have any questions.