Weight, eating and body image issues

Body weight size and shapeDoes anyone eat normally?  Is anybody truly happy with their body weight, shape or size?  Statistics suggest that the answer to both questions is very few.  We live in a culture obsessed with food, health and body image, and yet there is so much unhappiness and dissatisfaction in these areas.

So how can I help you?  I have trained with the National Centre for Eating Disorders (NCFED) and King’s College IoPPN specifically to work with those coping with, or worrying about eating disorders in themselves or a loved one.  This includes anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder and compulsive eating and variations thereof.  When seeking help for an eating disorder it is advisable to find a therapist with specialist training, who will help you or your loved one to address all the relevant factors, which include body image, mindset, thinking styles, behaviours,  relationships, physical symptoms and nutrition, to name just a few.  I will assess your circumstances and presenting issues in detail and suggest a pathway for working together, or for signposting to other specialist services should it be necessary.

My NCFED training also provides me with a helpful framework for helping those dealing with obesity and food related problems including compulsive, disordered, selective or binge eating.  Again, I will assess your situation in detail and suggest a plan to help you achieve your aims.  The plan may consist of cognitive and behavioural work to address problem habits, advice for nutritional rehabilitation, motivational work and hypnosis to support mindset changes.  I have helped many people to eliminate unhealthy beliefs and behaviours around food and eating, leading to better health, without resorting to faddy or unhealthy diets.

Please get in touch to ask me how I can help you.