My Great Missenden practice

Regrettably I will no longer be practicing regularly in Great Missenden as of the end of December 2019.  This is due to the permanent closure of Healthy Balance Clinic, where I have held a practice since its opening 8 years ago.

I will therefore no longer be taking on new clients at that location with immediate effect.  I will do my best to accommodate existing clients from that location, either at my High Wycombe practice or via online sessions if that is more convenient.  As I have practiced in that location for a long time, I may look for alternative premises to practice from, and will update my clients and my website accordingly.

Please contact me with any enquiries or concerns relating to this news.

Thank you for your understanding,


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Eating Disorders – know the signs

For this year’s Eating Disorders Awareness Week (EDAW) I am putting together a series of short blogs about eating disorders.  To begin with, would you be able to recognise the signs of a potential eating disorder in a friend or loved one?    This list is far from comprehensive, however here are some:

– being very stressed around food and mealtimes
– being secretive about food and eating
– restricting or cutting out food types or food groups (such as ‘carbs’ or dairy)
– frequent dieting or calorie counting
– food refusal
– being rigid and inflexible about food as well as in general
– rituals around food
– avoiding social eating
– over-exercising
– excessive walking: choosing to walk rather than drive/use public transport even for long distances
– spending long periods of time in the toilet or bathroom
– frequent vomiting and/or use of laxatives
– unable to stop eating
– eating large quantities of food in one go
– frequent night time eating
– grazed knuckles
– sudden changes in weight (loss or gain)
– weakness, dizziness, fainting
– feeling cold in warm temperatures
– loss or change in menstrual periods (females)
– always tired
– preoccupation with body size or shape
– distorted body image
– fear of weight gain
– irrational thinking
– social withdrawal
– increased anxiety, depression, paranoia, irritability, anger

Of course, many of these symptoms can be present for reasons other than eating disorders, so it’s important not to jump to cocnclusions.  However if someone you know is displaying more than one of these and recently seems to have changed the way they behave around food in a way that is worrying you,  you may want to consider the possibility of an eating disorder and encourage them to seek help.


National Centre for Eating Disorders:


NHS information about eating disorders:





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BWRT® in the news!

BrainWorking Recursive Therapy (BWRT ®) was featured in today’s Daily Mail Health section, click here to read the full article.

This fantastic new therapy is starting to make waves.  As one of the very first practitioners in the world I am delighted to see it going from strength to strength and helping more and more people.  It is fantastic at resolving problems such as phobias (as in the article), fears, unwanted habits but also behavioural or emotional problems.

I am an Advanced BWRT® practitioner, so would be happy to answer any queries about this revolutionary new type of therapy.

Find out more about BWRT® and search for other therapists on the British BrainWorking Research Society website.


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