Pain management

It is important that you first seek medical advice for any pain you are suffering, wherever it may be in the body.  However, if your doctor has given you the all-clear and is happy for you to seek alternative help, I can teach you how to manage pain and reduce its effects.  I can help you to manage pain related to certain chronic conditions such as arthritis, ME or Fibromyalgia. The therapies I offer can be a complement to your medical treatment regime.  People who do a lot of sports can also suffer pain from repetitive activities, including muscle and joint aches; these are a source of pain that can be treated very effectively provided injury has been ruled out.  Self-hypnosis is a fantastic way to manage and control pain and I can teach you many techniques for using this at home.  I can also offer custom made audio aids (CDs) that you can use at home for relaxation and pain management.  Certain visualisation techniques are also very effective at reducing pain and in some cases can relieve it completely.

Pain management case study – male mid 50s:
My client is a sufferer of chronic arthritis which has increasingly made life difficult and painful for him.  He remains as active as possible, but is no longer able to do all of the sports he used to do and increasingly finds that even doing jobs around the house is becoming difficult due to the pain in his hands and fingers.  Although he is receiving medical treatment and takes drugs for his condition, he still finds the pain hard to manage and does not wish to take more pain killers. After seeking his GP’s approval we began to work together.  Using hypnosis and visualisation techniques my client was able to reduce his pain levels from 8/10 to 3/10 after just one session.  I was then able to teach him how he could achieve this at home using self hypnosis.  I also provided him with some audio recordings of relaxation sessions on CD that he now uses regularly.  He now reports that he is able to do many things that he found too painful before and that his pain levels never get as high as they previously did.

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