Relationship matters

We all have to deal with other people every day of our lives. Things don’t always go as you would wish them to and inter-personal issues can arise in our dealings with others whether they are our family and loved ones, colleagues or complete strangers. Even if you believe that the problem lies with the other person or persons, there is a lot that you can do in order to improve your relationships with others, by addressing your own thoughts and behaviours. Solution focused counselling excels at dealing with inter-personal and relationship issues, and can be offered to individuals, couples or family groups. Hypnosis and NLP techniques can also be used to excellent effect when helping people to address relationship issues.

Relationship matters case study – female late 30s:
This client was struggling in her relationship with her long-term partner. She felt that his expectations of her were too demanding and that she could never satisfy his needs; she felt “not good enough” and that one day he would give up on her. It was make or break time for her as she either wanted to commit to staying with him and starting a family or leave him. When she first came to see me she said that she felt that he was the one who needed to change in order for things to improve. We worked together at identifying the main issues and eventually we were able to identify what she could change in order to make things better. Gradually she was able to realise that her own thoughts and beliefs were responsible for much of the way she was feeling and behaving and over time she was able to address these and as a result her relationship improved enormously. Hypnotherapy and NLP also helped her to become more confident and to make her own needs clearer. She decided to stay with her partner and now their relationship is much better and they have their first child.

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