Fears or phobias

Fear is actually a good thing – it is the way that we respond to it that is important.  A phobia is an irrational response to a rational problem or situation.  For example, it is normal to be afraid of something with an element of danger – such as flying in an aircraft – however it is irrational to allow that fear to completely dominate you and to prevent you from doing things that you would like to be able to do, and that most people seem to be able to do easily.

Most phobias in adults are learned behaviours; as babies we have very few innate fears.  You have probably observed how most young children appear to act fearlessly and unaware of any dangers around them.  As we grow up we observe the behaviour of others around us, usually adults and usually those with whom we spend the most time, and we unconsciously adopt many of their responses and behaviours.  It is not uncommon, when interviewing a client with seeking help for a phobia, to discover that one of their parents had exactly the same phobia.  However, the origin of your phobia may be completely unknown to you, or your subconscious may have suppressed it altogether.  This is where hypnoanalysis can help. NLP also provides some excellent techniques for addressing phobias, including the “NLP fast phobia cure”.  Having explored your fear or phobia with you I will then suggest which treatment plan I believe will work best for your particular situation.  In many cases it is possible to achieve astounding positive results very quickly.  I can also teach clients to manage their own fears using self-hypnosis, breathing or relaxation techniques or by using a customised Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) routine.

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