Confidence and self esteem

The majority of people will experience lack of confidence or low self-esteem at some time or other, but for some people it can be an ongoing problem and can cause major issues for them in their personal lives or at work.  Therapy provides an opportunity to explore and address general confidence issues and can provide tools to help you to feel more present and confident in your life.

Sometimes patterns of low self-esteem can be linked to more deeply ingrained beliefs about ourself, about others, or about the world.  Therapy can help us to explore our beliefs and how they affect the ways we think and behave.  Schema therapy provides a framework for understanding our inner processes and addressing the effects of how we may have learned to think and behave.

Or perhaps you have an important event coming up, such as an interview, driving test or a speech at your best friend’s wedding, and you don’t feel confident enough to perform your best.  Together we can work to address what is holding you back and to build your confidence to deal with various situations in which you find yourself – every day, or just one day!

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