Piggy Bank

I am currently offering discounts for multiple online therapy sessions paid for in advance.  The prices are:

Adult rates (for individuals):

For 2-3 sessions:  £75 per session (£150 for 2 sessions and £225 for 3)

For 4 or more sessions:  £70 per session (£280 for 4 sessions or £350 for 5)

Concessionary rates (for ages 18-25)* :

For 2-3 sessions £55 per session (£110 for 2 sessions or £165 for 3)

For 4 or more sessions:  £50 per session (£200 for 4 sessions or £250 for 5)


For 2 or more sessions:  £80 per hour or £100 for 90 minutes

Terms & Conditions:

  • Sessions must be paid for in advance, before the start of the first session
  • All sessions do not need to be booked in advance, but may be if preferred
  • Any unused sessions may be refunded, provided that cancellation terms are met (see cancellation terms here).  The refunded amount will be equal to the full amount paid minus any transaction fees incurred, less the full, undiscounted fee for any sessions already used and a small admin fee of £5 or 5%, whichever is greater.
  • Pricing will revert to standard fee structure once all pre-paid sessions have been delivered
  • Normal cancellation terms apply and cancellation fees may apply for late cancellations or missed sessions
  • All discounts and offers are entirely at my discretion
  • For standard pricing schedule please see here

*The lower age limit I work with is 18.  Concessionary rates are available to all those aged 25 or younger or in some other exceptional cases at my discretion.


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