Support for major life events

We all need moral or emotional support from time to time.  Major life events – such as exams, divorce or separation, redundancy, family problems or bereavement – can take their toll and leave us feeling at a low ebb.  Even the positive milestones in life – marriage, childbirth, success at work – can sometimes leave us feeling confused or emotional, when everyone around us is telling us we should be happy.  In all of these circumstances we can benefit from therapeutic support; the ability to talk things through and to receive advice on how we can deal with them can be hugely beneficial at such times. Bereavement in particular is an area in which one can benefit significantly from therapeutic support.  The bereavement process is natural and it is to be expected that one will go through the whole gamut of emotions, as part of what psychologists call the bereavement “cycle”.  However, counselling and therapy can assist you to cope with your day to day life while you get through a very difficult time.

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