Quit Smoking For Good

Break Free From Cigarettes

Break Free From Cigarettes Forever

Are you a slave to cigarettes? Have you tried to stop smoking in the past but have not succeeded?   Most smokers say that if they could go back in time they would never have started smoking. Parents who are smokers hate to think of their own children smoking, yet statistically the children of smokers are far more likely to smoke themselves.  There is no better time to quit smoking than right now. And once you have the keys it is not only easy, it can even be enjoyable to break out of the smoking trap for good!

I have studied and trained in several stop smoking methods, including the award winning “Easy Quit Smoking Programme”¹.  Based on this programme, further research and study, plus the experience of helping many smokers to quit, I have developed my own powerful and highly effective Stop Smoking programme.

During this 2.5 hour session I will first of all explore with you not only your reasons for wanting to quit, but more importantly the reasons why you keep smoking and may have failed in your attempts to quit in the past. The second part of the session uses hypnosis to get you into the right frame of mind to make it easy to ditch those cigarettes for good!  Investing in this session will help you to save money, feel better, be more active,  improve your appearance and most importantly put a stop to injuring your health and the health of those around you.

I’m often asked what my success rate is for helping people to quit; the honest answer is I don’t know!  However, I take the fact that I get many more referrals from stop smoking clients than any other type plus the fact that virtually none of my stop smoking clients takes up the offer of a free booster follow up session as an indication that my success rate is pretty good!

It CAN be easy and enjoyable to stop smoking, why wait any longer to set yourself free?

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¹ ‘The Easy Quit Smoking Programme’, Terence Watts, Hypnosense 1999, winner of the Hypnotherapy Research Society UK’s Award For Clinical Excellence

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