From Fat to Fabulous and Fit!

Image (c) iStockFeeling fat and frumpy? Worried about being overweight and how it’s affecting your life and well-being?  Sick and tired of trying – and failing at – every weight loss plan or gimmick around? Do you find it hard to maintain motivation and will-power?  Do you feel like you need something more than just another fad diet?  Then read on….

My straight-talking, no nonsense weight loss programme can help YOU to drop the pounds and start to feel and look fantastic.  I am a Licensed Authoritarian & Motivational Weight Loss Practitioner and have been personally trained by weight loss expert Steve Miller, the creator of this highly successful programme.  This is a completely different approach to any you may have tried before: it is designed to create radical changes in your mindset when it comes to your eating and exercising habits.  I will be your personal mentor throughout the programme, which uses coaching, hypnosis and a unique support system – as well as a tailored eating plan – with the aim of getting you to the results you are craving for.

Not a typical hypnotherapy weight loss approach

After years of using a classic hypnotherapy weight loss approach, I found that whilst some clients were successful, others weren’t achieving the results that both they AND I wanted to see.  I wanted a more powerful solution and I found it in the form of hypnotherapy weight loss expert Steve Miller (of Sky TV’s Fat Families fame). Steve has developed a refreshing and inspirational new way of working with clients that achieves amazing and consistent weight loss results.  After completing intensive training with Steve, and becoming one of the first Licensed Practitioners of his programme, I shook up the way that I work with clients seeking to ditch the unwanted fat.

No more excuses!

In my experience, most fat or obese people are sick and tired of weight loss approaches that simply do not deliver, or worse, result in them losing their willpower and piling on even more weight.  One reason many approaches fail is that they are not successful at eliminating the fat person mindset – they are simply too soft on it.   The first thing I get my clients to do is to face up to being fat and accept that they need to do something about it…. no more excuses!  I shine my spotlight on the behaviours and excuses that have been making or keeping my clients fat, and most of them find it a relief to be able to finally come clean and take action.

Commitment is Key

My programme is suitable whether you need to lose several stones or just a few pounds.  But be warned, it’s not for wimps!   My approach is very direct and while I will be with you every step of the way, providing daily support, I WILL expect you to pull your finger out and DO what I tell you to do.  Unlike diet clubs or typical eating plans I will be THERE for you when you need it most. I am very straight talking, which many people find refreshingly different and empowering.  I will help YOU to find and push the RIGHT buttons that will change YOUR mindset, leading to better behaviours and resulting in your weight loss success.  But if you don’t lose weight – I will boot you off the programme.

Mind over Platter

The programme is a 6-week plan consisting of a weekly coaching session where I will use hypnosis and other mindset-switching tools to help you to win the war with your waistline. In between sessions you will follow an agreed eating plan and we will have daily contact to monitor your progress and motivate you when it counts.  Plus I have a variety of other tricks and tools that I may unleash on you, if I feel you need them!  But I ALWAYS have your benefit in mind.  Nothing makes me happier than when a client sets him or herself free from the fat trap, forever.

Authoritarian & Motivational Weight Loss Practitioner
If you think this plan may  be for you – give me a call on 07810 405525 and I’ll talk you through what it involves and the acceptance criteria.

Is it time to fire the fatty and free the fitty?  If it is – I’m waiting to hear from you!